Wonderful Time In Charlotte

I had a wonderful time in Charlotte with my DH. It reminded me that I really should do some me time more often – you know – check into a motel. It was so nice not having to worry about cleaning, what to make to eat or laundry – they do it all for you. I really enjoyed it – relaxing around the pool, reading, swimming, and YUP naps. However, because of this Meneire’s you won’t catch me alone anywhere, but it is still nice to dream.
I did get to go shopping at 2 LSS. I went to Scrap Shack in Morrisville – owned by Dale Jr.’s sister and Wendy Childers. Here is a picture of the inside -

received permission – she said it’s free advertising LOL. I agree. It
was a great store and I picked up Prima flowers and some other odd and
ends. Oh they had this great embellishment of an easter bunny in a box
and it will be perfect for a page I want to do of my DS2. He is sitting
next to a five foot chocolate Easter bunny. LOL yeah you read right
five foot. My aunt and uncle on LI NY make chocolates and he went to
visit with my Mom and they took his picture with it. It will be a great
embellishment for this.

They had some wonderful NASCAR things
and I wanted to pick some things up for my sister who just went to a
Watkins Glen race in NY. I thought though that she didn’t take pictures
just video so I didn’t get her any. I also wasn’t sure if she would
scrap them if she did. But I did want to get her some Truex (Jr.’s Jr
is what we call him LOL) stuff but they didn’t have any yet.

I also went down to Matthews to Memories. This is also another nice store and I just picked up some little things.