More Goodies

My wonderful Art Swap package came with my goodies and oh were they really gorgeous goodies. Miss Sandy accumulated all the crafty goodness we sent her and then she distributed the arts among us swappers.

For starters here is a tag:
This is my lovely little corner in our bedroom. The pink chair that you just see a corner of, was found at the Hospice Home Store for $20 and it goes nicely with the flowered ottoman I bought a few weeks ago and pictured here on my blog (I have material to re-cover the chair, hopefully sometime soon). This is where I go to read and reflect – I have a nice view of my front yard, garden, and the jasmine growing on the trellis in-between my bedroom windows. The tag from blogless Nicole is so pretty I now use it as a bookmark in one of my many loved books and it gives me great pleasure. I found Nature Notes The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady at the used bookstore in Carrboro/Chapel Hill. The book has additional notes added by, rut-ro forgot his name. Standing up is a 20th Anniversary addition of Gift From the Sea that I found in the PTA Thrift Store. That wonderful handkerchief that you see sitting on a tied brown paper package – that is from Laura Ingalls Gunn. She gave Miss Sandy some things to put into our package. The brown paper says that Laura so loved packages wrapped in brown paper and tied with a string, what is inside is something of Laura Ingalls Gunn’s grandmother – which was the lovely handkerchief edged in a delicate blue.

This lovely recipe card for White Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting, that Laura Ingalls Gunn from Decor to Adore made.

The recipe card opens like a book with the recipe inside. It is sitting on my toaster just to show you the lovely card and the toaster cover. I found that yesterday when I went to Grandaddy’s Antique shop which houses dozens of dealers. I found some more goodies there but I’ll post those pictures later. I keep the card sitting on my kitchen island so I can see it’s prettiness every time I walk through the kitchen.

I also received a wonderful quote book which Ellebee from Musings of a Working Diva made.

It now sits on my little bookshelf in the living room. It reminds me to remember – remember to be spiritual, remember to read, and best of all, remember my friends and family. Don’t you just love the felted birdhouse? I do!!! I smile every time I see it, you see, my BFF Red Dirt Knitter made that for me for my bday last year.

On the wall to the left of the bookshelf hangs this beauty made by the blogless Connie.
The nine patch quilt piece hanging on a hanger that Miss Sandy herself made. I just love it, seeing these two together is such a pick-me-up.

I really loved this swap and would definitely do it again if I had a chance. Miss Sandy definitely was a strong guiding force during the swap and she was totally amazing. It was nice not having to worry about if your partner was going to flake or not.

I have more show and tell things but that will wait until tomorrow as I also have to post my thoughts on the next chapter from AML. I also have pictures of the swap package I sent off, but I don’t want to show them here until I know for sure my partner has received it, as we both know our partners and she also has a blog.


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  1. I love all your goodies. You got a lot of pretty things. I do love that felted birdhouse. I think the Words To Remember book is my favorite thing.

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